The story of Maglificio Scaglione began in 1966 in Northern Italy, when Renato Scaglione and his wife Celsa decided to launch a new business following their passion for art and beauty, using their creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and artisanal experience acquired through the years. The company is now managed by Renato’s children, Giovanni and Anna, with Michele and Margherita, Scaglione’s third generation. 


The brand’s mission is to create high-quality, timeless knitwear with a contemporary feel. Their collection includes essential pieces with clean, comfortable lines, and elegant patterns. Basic tees, cable-knit sweaters, linen polo shirts, soft cardigans, and casual pants—each item is beautifully made with the utmost attention to detail, creativity, and search for the best materials. Scaglione’s products are the epitome of traditional craftsmanship and impeccable quality.