4uattro was born in 2012 from the creativity and entrepreneurial qualities of Elisa Scrocchi, who after decades of experience in the industry decided to create her own line. Inspired by an elegant but everyday femininity, 4uattro embodies the spirit of Milanese tradition, ateliers, and tailoring, in search of an "ideal wardrobe" that should last beyond fashions and trends. Precious, 100% pure materials, craftsmanship, and meticulous tailoring contrast with the simplicity of the lines.   The result is a classic style that reveals special and unconventional details only in appearance.

Sophisticated designs, but easy to wear in everyday life. 4uattro interprets a clothing philosophy aimed at women of different ages and shapes, united by a personal vision of style. A proposal beyond standardization, light touches for essential, refined, and contemporary creations, always feminine. A fashion with strong character, inspired by real women.