A New Look

Anyone who has previously visited Maison d’Orme is sure to notice a few changes. The store has a new look and an updated collection.

Aside from freshening up the place, this is a new beginning - an opportunity to realign with our core values and a chance to refocus the store on our founding principles and vision.  

A passion at Maison d’Orme is discovering new and interesting designers, we obsess over their level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. We love clothes! More than this, we love well-made clothes, well-made bags, well-made anything, really. Maison d’Orme’s vision is to share a love for beautifully designed, expertly crafted items.  

Our job is taking on the hard work of finding these hidden gems and sharing them with you. You will still find items from very well-known designers in the store, their beautiful work can’t go unnoticed. But we would also like to introduce you to pieces from artisans you may not be familiar with.  Items that stand out because of their quality and style and create a “Who made that?” moment with your friends. 

We will be spotlighting some truly talented artisans whose commitment and dedication to crafting goods of the highest quality is self-evident. Many of our partners have small shops and release single season, limited quantity collections.

Anything you purchase will be exclusive, and with our obsessive (it really is a problem) curation, will undoubtedly be luxurious and worth owning. At Maison d’Orme we want you to love the experience of shopping with us as much as the things you buy. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and share our love for intentional style.